Post Teched 2014 Review: What’s New in Microsoft Virtualization

Today I’m going to be guilty of another repost, but I truly enjoy sharing the work I do on other sites with the people that follow my blog specifically.

This is another cross site post from Altaro’s Hyper-V Hub that was completed earlier in the week.

I find that I’m still in “TechEd Mode”, and wanted to make sure I got this out to the folks that follow my blog, just in case they are like me and can’t get enough of TechEd.


While I found that 95% of the conference material seemed to center mostly around Azure and Microsoft’s other cloud services, there were some relevant items mentioned at TechEd when it comes to implementing Hyper-V and other parts of the Microsoft virtualization stack.

Main points of topic along those lines are Azure Site Recovery, and Desired State Configuration.

I cover both in the article HERE.


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